I used to look forward to obscure holidays like this. We as a nation could honor the fallen heroes of the Crimean War for all I cared, just so long as we got the day off from school. Now, I’m just bitter.

All the members of my family work for the government in some capacity, so they still get to reap the benefits of wacky holidays like this. Me? I’m a slave to private institutions and corporate America, neither of which give a crap about an Iberian merchant who sailed in the wrong direction to India a few hundred years ago.

Columbus was an odd one, though. If I asked someone for directions to McDonalds and they told me “Oh, it’s across the road on the left,” what would they think of me if I said, “That sounds simple enough, but I’m going to keep going right until I get to it. Thanks!”

Sketch dump has been updated with a new piece from my sister, Jen. It’s of her latest World of Warcraft character. That’s right, I said “latest,” as in “more than one.” She may try and deny it, but she’s a total geek now and I like to think I played a large part in that. One of us! One of us! Gooble-Gobble, Gooble-Gobble!

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