Critical Mass

A little while ago, my buddy over at The System got reviewed by Luprand’s Webcomic Musings. I read it, chuckled, and thought to myself that I should put my comic out there and get some reviews of my own. The initial plan was to wait for it to get so popular that people would just start publishing their own reviews hoping that the mere mention of Less Than Three would lure in some unsuspecting Googlers to their page. Seems that might take a bit longer than I had anticipated, so I started offering up my site directly to critics.

Well, Luprand was kind enough to accept my neck on his chopping block. And boy, did his keen axe cut me to the quick. He didn’t really have anything positive to say. Mostly, he took offense at the amount of poop and sex jokes that are peppered throughout the archive, claiming that I make the NSFW tag “so inadequate”.

Really? I know I’ve pushed the limits on some fronts (honestly, outside of the Peanuts, Family Circus, Mary Worth cycle, what cartoonist hasn’t?) and the comic has been pulled from print on three separate occasions. But still, for the most part I like to think I keep things pretty clean around here. There’s never been any foul language, any violence depicted is cartoonish at worst, and the sex is kept off panel or under the sheets. At most, I’d say it’s PG-13.

On the plus side, he does get the numerous literary references I drop throughout the dialogue and titles. As a fellow English B.A. it doesn’t surprise me and I applaud his ability to jump over Steinbeck to get to Robert Burns on the  Of Mice and Men reference. Seriously, the thought of Fudgie O’Pussenstein being in any way associated with Scotland’s Favourite Son had me guffawing quite hardily.

Ah well, he didn’t give me the worst score possible. I did better than Crooked Gremlins. He reserved the worst of his vitriolfor them. Though I think I rank just a bit higher, I’m still in the same category. Honestly, it’s hard to tell. I wish he had delved deeper into the technical aspects of the comic, but he either did not have the time, or just considered my comic unworthy of further criticism.



  1. Luprand says:

    My apologies for not delving as far into the technical aspects of things. Lowest-common-denominator humor is a pet peeve of mine, and I should’ve warned you about that beforehand … if things get too raunchy, even in the text, then other matters get washed away in a flood of arrogant distaste. Sorry about that.

    It was interesting to see the seismic shift in your art style when you found the cartoonist school blog; while it’s still codifying to an extent, you’re definitely putting effort into it. (The comic that I’ve given the worst review to, Furthia High, was rather irksome as far as certain art details went.)

    And I’ll be the first to admit that I lucked out on the Burns reference; one of the last courses I took before graduation was a full semester on the Scottish Enlightenment.