An Imbalance of the Humours

An Imbalance of the Humours

First comic of the year! Nine days into the year. Yeah …

Let me tell you something, boys and girls, writer’s block is an evil, wicked thing. It makes you feel empty inside, like all the creativity that used to fill you is drained away, leaving nothing but a fleshy husk. Ironically, I flipped on the TV during this bleak period and actually did watch a History Channel broadcast related to the Seven Deadly Sins. And which sin just happened to be featured that day? Well, it was my dear acquaintance, Mr. Sloth.

Looks like there’s still exorcisms for laziness available today. Seeing the things people go through to rid themselves of their own bad habits; the lengths that they would travel to keep from taking personal responsibility for their own inaction; well, it got me motivated, and it also made me exhausted. They put in a lot of effort and spend a lot of money for people to tell them that its not their fault. At least, far more effort than I’m willing to give, and I applaud them for that.

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