The Iconoclast

The Iconoclast

This is the comic that spawned from a comment that was delivered to me at Tigercon. An editor from the Towerlight was telling me how much they enjoyed my stuff. A conversation I was more than happy to engage in.

She then proceeded to relate to me how only she and another student were the only ones who got the Resident Evil joke a few weeks back. I was flattered an perturbed at the same time. The fact that people were actually paying attention to what I was writing was flabergasting. I was under the assumption that people simply used my section of the paper to soak up spills. That was my claim to fame: the most absorbent comic on the market!

Secondly, I felt that maybe I should broaden the scope of what I choose to exhibit. So what do I do? Make a comic about a graphic novel from the 80′s and a horror writer from the late 19th century. Bravo. (golf clap)

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