Sorry I’m Not Home Right Now
February 29th, 2012

Sorry I’m Not Home Right Now

I admit that I’m the worst at communicating across all mediums. Cell phones, messages, emails, tweets, Facebook friend requests, urgent Facebook friend requests, notifications that you’ve been unfriended on Facebook; you name it, I’ve ignored it.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy talking with people. It’s just that I always agonize over what to say and how to say it. The neurosis runs deep within my veins and is as much a part of me as my overwhelming artistic talent or my sense of humility. All part of what makes me such a swell guy.

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Lights Are Still On

You know, I often forget that I have a little corner of the internet all to myself. Then someone on Xbox Live starts yelling at me that my website has infected their computer. All of a sudden I have to dig through the ol’ Box-O’-Memories to pull up the login information and start cleaning house like a responsible adult.

I really should put this thing to more use. I’m still drawing. Oddly enough, moreso now than when I was doing the comic on a completely random basis. Of course, I’m also making videos, music, storyboards, and the occasional Law School Application Test. You know, for kicks and whatnot.

Still, nice to see the place hasn’t completely collapsed into a writhing mess of worms, viruses, and adds for penis pills. Maybe I should drop in more often, post a thing or two? Make sure to click on any pop-ups that you see while I’m cleaning up. Your credit card could be the lucky one!


Sex, Drugs, and <3

Howdy-ho there, peeps!

New content will be along shortly. Until then, check out this cool little piece of guest art I did for Sex, Drugs, and June Cleaver. SD&JC (since the Internet DEMANDS abbreviation!) is part of my weekly reading and always manages to make me laugh, cynic that I am. I was appalled when Bree missed an update, because really, only the lowliest, laziest degenerates miss updates!

But, much like rockstars, cartoonists of her level have the ability to command fans to do the work for them. So, as the consummate internet fanboy, I humbly submitted my entry. As victor, I was promised a street urchin, to shine my boots and sweep my chimney, in a totally non-sexual manner.


I Am an Incorrigible Fanboy

If you look toward the top of your screen, you should notice the new Fan Art tab. It’s a place where I’ve decided to link work I’ve done for other comics, whether they wanted it or not.

While we’re on the topic, if any of YOU want something specific drawn, I’m always up for a good ol’ fashioned commission. Drop me a line through the Contact tab (boy, I got a tab for everything!). Conversely, if anyone out there wants to draw me some fan art, it would certainly be my honor to immortalize you on this webpage. I actually have a few pieces lying around the house from conventions past, but most of them involve hot turkey-on-turkey action. So it may be best for all concerned if those stay boxed up.


Guest Comic

My pals over at Caf-fiends posted my fan art over at their site. You should check it out before I hijack your computer and force the browser to their page. That’s not a threat. I’m just saying I know some guys who know some guys who know some Russians.

In addition to being great people, Kevin and Blondie’s comic is always entertaining. How could you not like a story where Cthulhu converts to Mormonism in order to impress a giant robo-babe?


Critical Mass

A little while ago, my buddy over at The System got reviewed by Luprand’s Webcomic Musings. I read it, chuckled, and thought to myself that I should put my comic out there and get some reviews of my own. The initial plan was to wait for it to get so popular that people would just start publishing their own reviews hoping that the mere mention of Less Than Three would lure in some unsuspecting Googlers to their page. Seems that might take a bit longer than I had anticipated, so I started offering up my site directly to critics.

Well, Luprand was kind enough to accept my neck on his chopping block. And boy, did his keen axe cut me to the quick. He didn’t really have anything positive to say. Mostly, he took offense at the amount of poop and sex jokes that are peppered throughout the archive, claiming that I make the NSFW tag “so inadequate”.

Really? I know I’ve pushed the limits on some fronts (honestly, outside of the Peanuts, Family Circus, Mary Worth cycle, what cartoonist hasn’t?) and the comic has been pulled from print on three separate occasions. But still, for the most part I like to think I keep things pretty clean around here. There’s never been any foul language, any violence depicted is cartoonish at worst, and the sex is kept off panel or under the sheets. At most, I’d say it’s PG-13.

On the plus side, he does get the numerous literary references I drop throughout the dialogue and titles. As a fellow English B.A. it doesn’t surprise me and I applaud his ability to jump over Steinbeck to get to Robert Burns on the  Of Mice and Men reference. Seriously, the thought of Fudgie O’Pussenstein being in any way associated with Scotland’s Favourite Son had me guffawing quite hardily.

Ah well, he didn’t give me the worst score possible. I did better than Crooked Gremlins. He reserved the worst of his vitriolfor them. Though I think I rank just a bit higher, I’m still in the same category. Honestly, it’s hard to tell. I wish he had delved deeper into the technical aspects of the comic, but he either did not have the time, or just considered my comic unworthy of further criticism.